Another compromise candidate for Iraq?

As Iraq’s blocs continue to push for, make and break alliances it is becoming increasingly likely that the country may have yet another compromise candidate. Current PM Nouri al-Maliki was himself a compromise candidate, coming into the job from obscurity but going on to make a name for himself and become the most important figure in his party, the Islamic Dawa Party.

Having provoked the ire of his rivals outside of Dawa over the years, there are, however, some who will be vehemently against another Maliki term. One alternative candidate, within Dawa itself, is ¬†Sherwan (a¬†Kurdish name) al-Wa’ili, the present minister of state for national security affairs. According to reports, he is also preferred by Dawa’s “Iranian wing” (or a specific part of Dawa comprised of individuals closer to Tehran than other members of the party).

Sherwan alWa’ili is part of Dawa’s other faction (the Islamic Dawa Party – Iraq organisation), which splintered from IDP during Saddam’s rule. The splinter group is part of the same State of Law coalition that contested the elections.