Dr. Ranj Alaaldin is a Middle East and North Africa expert at the Brookings Institution and Director of the Carnegie Corporation’s Crisis Response Council. He obtained his PhD at the London School of Economics and Political Science, where he also obtained degrees in Public International Law and studied social movements and sub-national identities, with a particular focus on ethnic and religious mobilisation. His research focuses on the interplay between armed conflict, good governance and regional peace and security dynamics. Prior to this, he worked on and specialised in the laws of armed conflict and the use of force under international law at both the LSE and Columbia University, where he was a Senior Fellow and Visiting Scholar. More recently, his work has examined the nexus between economic development and security sector reforms, power-sharing and constitutional arrangements, conflict resolution and Track II diplomacy. Over the course of his 15 year career as a scholar and practitioner, Alaaldin has developed an all-encompassing portfolio of experience in policy and planning, advocacy, conflict and dispute resolution and Track II Diplomacy, including a comprehensive network of decision-makers and influencers in the MENA region, Europe and the United States. He advises government and non-government organisations, including the World Bank. He has presented his work at Princeton University, the Wilson Center, Brookings Institution, Hudson Institute, the Overseas Development Institute, Washington Institute, Chatham House and has published in peer-reviewed journals and written for the New York Times, Washington Post, the WSJ, Daily Telegraph, Foreign Policy, Foreign Affairs and the Guardian.


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