#Iraq names cabinet – finally

Iraq has finally named a cabinet to lead the country after a nine-month power struggle, a peaceful and civilised struggle it has to be said though. Key security portfolios were not among those announced by Prime Minister Maliki, who will run the defence, interior and national security ministries himself as acting-minister until rival groups choose suitable candidates over the next four days.

The cabinet, so far, includes:

Nouri al-Maliki: Prime Minister and acting Minister of Defence, Interior and National Security
Hussein al-Shahristani: Deputy Prime Minister and Acting Minister of Electricity
Saleh al-Mutlaq: Deputy Prime Minister
Roj Nouri Shawis: Deputy Prime Minister and Acting Minister of Trade
Hoshyar Zebari: Foreign Ministry and acting Minister of State for Women Affairs
Iyad Allawi: Head of National Council for Strategic Policies:
Rafi Issawi: Treasury Ministry
Abdul Karim Luaibi: Oil minister
Ali Adib: Higher Education Ministry and Acting Minister of National Reconciliation
Hadi al-Amri: Transport Ministry
Mohammed Al-Daraji: Minister of Housing and Acting Minister of Public Works
Muhammad Tamim: Education Ministry
Ahmad Nasir Dilli: Industry Ministry
Izz al-Din al-Dawlah: Agriculture Ministry
Jasim Muhammad Ja’far: Youth and Sports Ministry
Hasan al-Shammari: Justice Ministry
Torhan Muzhar Hassan: Minister of State for Provincial Affairs
Muhammad Allawi: Communication Ministry
Abd-al-Karim al-Samarra’i: Science and Technology Ministry
Sa’dun al-Dulaymi: Culture Ministry
Sarkon Lazar: Minister of Environment
Liwa’a Simsim: Minister of Tourism and Heritage
Muhanned Al-Sa’adi: Minister of Water Resources
Dindar Najman Shafeeq: Immigration and Displaced Persons Ministry Persons and Acting Minister of State for Civil Society
Majid Hamid Amin: Health Ministry
Mohammed Al-Sudani: Human Right Ministry
Nassar Al-Rubai: Minister of Labour and Social Affairs and Acting Minister of Planning
Ali al-Sajiri: Ministry of State for Foreign Affairs
Safa al-Din al-Safi: State Ministry for Council of Representatives
Ali al-Dabbagh: State Ministry for Government Spokesmanship Affairs
Bushra Hussain Saleh: Minister of State
Hassan Al-Sari: Minister of State
Abdul-Mehdi Hassan Al-Mutairi: Minister of State
Ali Al-Sajri: Minister of State for Foreign Affairs
Safaa Aldeen Al-Safi: Minister of State for Council of Representatives
Salah Muzahim Darwish: Minister of State
Yassin Hassan Mohammed: Minister of State

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