Iraq’s electoral commission bars 500 candidates

BAGHDAD — Iraq’s electoral commission on Thursday barred 500 candidates from running in March’s parliamentary election, including a prominent Sunni lawmaker, in a decision that is sure to deepen Iraq’s sectarian divides.

Hamdia al-Hussaini, a commissioner on the Independent High Electoral Commission, said the commission made the decision after receiving the list from a parliament committee that vets candidates for ties to Saddam Hussein’s outlawed Baath party.

2 thoughts on “Iraq’s electoral commission bars 500 candidates

  1. These comments are obsured when you say sunni candidates are banned . The electoral commission head said half of them are shites so do you may know better than the electoral commission head . Please make sure that your information is true and do not play the sectarion game as the others .

    1. Ali, I have not written that it’s only Sunni candidates who are banned. In fact, if you look at my commentaries and my articles I’ve noted quite clearly that Shia as well as Kurdish candidates suspected of Baath ties are on the list. Having said this, the most prominent of those banned is Salah al-Mutlaq, and therefore a Sunni.

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