Iraq to have media city

The Baghdad government recently announced plans to build a media centre in the city which will contain TV producing centers, news channels centers, filming studios, producing services centers, and hotels for foreign journalists. More information can be found here


    According to Arab media reports, the Transparency League, a monitoring committee in Iraq, has warned that the project will be a “prison” that restricts press and other freedoms. A statement from the organisation, says news channels, states that security agencies do not want the public to know of human rights violations, the failure of government and security agencies, and the corruption of ministries and senior officials.

3 thoughts on “Iraq to have media city

  1. These accusations are completely baseless. The media city project is being undertaken by Baghdad provincial council, not the central government. Who is the Transparency League?

    1. According to Al-Sharqiya’s evening newscast yesterday, Transparency League is a “popular” monitoring committee in Iraq. The net doesn’t give any further details on the organisation, suggesting their accusations could be taken with a grain of salt. Though it isn’t clear how prominent or well-known they are within Iraq.

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