Iraq PM Maliki’s coalition

Prime Minister Maliki’s coalition for the national elections in January was announced today. It includes Sunnis, Kurds and Christians. The New York Times points out that the “headdresses of tribal leaders significantly outnumbered the turbans of clerics, a significant shift, given the religious and sectarian roots of Mr. Maliki’s own party, Dawa.”

As expected, Maliki will be playing the secularism card once again.

On Maliki emulating Saddam’s tactics, the Washington Post states: “Borrowing a page from former President Saddam Hussein, he also sought to curry the support of Iraq’s tribes, both Sunni and Shiite, who were lavished with jobs, cars and other patronage in the last decade of Hussein’s rule.”

The coalition isn’t what Maliki would have hoped it would be given that it doesn’t include any prominent Sunnis, Shias or Kurds. Still, negotiations are ongoing and others could join at some other point.

Here’s the makeup:

1. The Islamic Da’wah Party

2. The Islamic Da’wah Party-Iraq Organization

3. The Bloc of Independents

4. The Nasserite Socialist Movement

5. The National Democratic Coalition

6. The Grouping of the Thawrat al-Ishrin Grandsons [1920 Revolution Grandsons]

7. The Islamic Union of Iraq’s Turkoman

8. The Iraq Sha’baniyah Uprising Bloc

9. The Independent Arab Trend

10. The Al-Sha’baniyah Uprising – Board of Trustees

11. The National Renaissance Movement

12. The Turkomai Decision Party

13. The National Prosperity Bloc

14. The Justice and Renaissance Trend

15. The Independent Grouping of Iraq’s Competent People

16. The National List

17. The Al-Shabak Bloc

18. The National Banner Grouping

19. The Karbala Council for Chieftains and Dignitaries

20. The Islamic Solidarity Society

21. The Constitutional Movement.

22. The Unity Party

23. The First National Democratic Party

24.The Islamic Da’wah Movement

25. The Free Trend of Iraq for National Sovereignty

26. Our Sons Movement

27. The National Flag Grouping

28. For the Sake of Al-Muthanna Grouping

29. The Iraqi Initiative for Development

30. Al-Furat al-Awsat Grouping

31. Al-Nahrayn’s Competent People Grouping

32. Iraq’s Dignitaries Council

33. The National Coalition of the Bani-Tamim Assembly

34. The National Reform Movement

35. The Iraqi Independent Unified Bloc

36. The Fayli Kurds Bloc

37. The Iraqi Arab Grouping

38. The Independent Grouping of Sovereignty and Construction

39. The Loyalty to Al-Najaf Movement

40. The Independent Salvation Grouping

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